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Opn made the top 10 - twice!
When it's this goo, word gets around.


More and more hearing care professionals are witnessing the impressive results that Oticon Opn delivers to patients. It’s no wonder that they are interested in underlying reasons for this record-breaking success. Of the 10 most popular research articles published in the Hearing Review over the past months, two of them feature Oticon Opn!

Haven’t read the articles yet? Read them now:
• Consumer Responses to the Oticon Opn Hearing Aid
• Speech in Noise Test Results for Oticon Opn

Hearing Care is Health Care


Oticon innovative hearing solutions are based on insights into patients’ needs and grounded in a deep understanding of the connection between hearing and cognition.

We’re committed to developing and validating our technology and unique audiological approach through research to ensure we’re providing the most relevant products that support cognitive health and improve quality of life.

Hearing Care is Health Care
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